Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Plan Your Wardrobe

How many times have you looked into your closet and uttered the words "I have nothing to wear!" But before you go shopping it's always a great idea to plan your wardrobe. Follow these tips to and you will be on your way to a fashionable wardrobe.

Edit your Wardrobe: Before you go shopping, weed through your wardrobe to find out what works and what doesn't. Keep the items you want hung up. The remaining items will fall into the "Donate to a clothing charity pile" or the "Might work if I get them altered pile".

Create a few Looks: Try on your best pieces to assess what you are missing. Have you noticed any "holes" in your wardrobe? Do you need a some new accessories? Are you missing the always neccessary "Little Black Dress"?

Create a Style Inspiration Diary: Get your favorite fashion magazines together. Starting now rip out pages of any looks you may want to try. Place they pages in a three ring binder or secure them to the pages of a notebook.

Make a Wish List: Using your style diary, create a list of items that you need and what you want. Take this with you whenever you are out shopping. This will avoid those impluse splurges and you will shop for the key items.

There is a way out of this "What do I wear dilemma"!  A properly stocked closet with all of the right items. How do you plan your wardrobe? 

January 22nd is National Swap Day in Atlanta

Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 3 Stylish Celebrities of 2010

As I look back over 2010, there are a few celebs that I admit gave me a little style envy. They always seemed to just pull of a look that made such a stylish statement. My faves include:

Rihanna- She is so versatile and doesn't mind taking risks. Always staying ahead of the fashion trends, she still remains true to her authentic style. Over-the-top, glamorous and totally orginal.

Halle Berry- Still a classy bombshell who will never age. She wears her clothes well and always looks effortlessly chic, very relaxed and confident.

Zoe Saldana- A very feminine, flirty yet sophisticated look. Whether it's a body hugging dress or romantic ruffles, Zoe just always seems to get it just right.

These are my top 3 celebrities, who would you add to the list?